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About me

I am an experienced industrial machinery mechanic, installation, repair and maintenance head/manager and engineer. I have a strong knowledge of the engineering field and the ability to troubleshoot complex problems. I am highly organised and have excellent communication skills which make me a great asset to any team.

Problem Solving
Problem Solving
May, 2018
Jul, 2021
mechanical maintenance team member
I have been working as a Mechanical maintenance team member for 4 years. My responsibilities include PI/KPI tree analysis and tracking, determining critical task using criticality matrix, application of problem solving tools like 5why, abnormality report to find the root course of a problem and put a loop closure to avoid future reoccurrence, using CMMS to track and schedule maintenance, application of Quick Fix Routine (QFR) in fixing problems and development of same, ability to perform Operational Work Diagnosis (OWD) and use same to verify the validity of a process, and coaching of operators and artisans. I have also been a class representative for 5 years in the university.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • PI/KPI tree analysis
  • Critical task determination
  • Problem solving tools application
  • CMMS tracking & scheduling
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Quick Fix Routine development
  • Operational Work Diagnosis
  • Coaching of operators & artisans
  • Class representative for 5 years