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About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology specialist with 12 years of work experience, including 3 years of management experience. I  specialise in programming, IT testing, and network management.

Project Management Problem Solving Communication
CommunicationProblem SolvingProject Management
Jan, 2022
assistant consultant
Communication ServicesCommunication Services
Innovative Solutions Provider
A professional with proven experience in project management, problem-solving and testing. Demonstrated exceptional ownership and problem-solving skills, successfully resolving a critical production issue within an impressive timeframe. Managed budgets, schedules, resources, risks, and mitigation plans, ensuring efficient allocation of resources and prompt completion of deliverables. Implemented a shift left testing approach to proactively identify and address issues at an early stage. Mentored team and provided knowledge transfer, reducing onboarding time by 60%. Enhanced the automation suite, resulting in more effective smoke, sanity, and regression testing.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing project budgets, schedules, resources, risks, and mitigation plans
  • Implementing a shift left testing approach
  • Mentoring team and providing knowledge transfer
  • Enhancing the automation suite
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Resolved a critical production issue within 45 minutes
  • Efficiently allocated resources
  • Promptly completed deliverables
  • Reduced onboarding time by 60%
Sep, 2018
Dec, 2021
senior consultant
Communication ServicesCommunication Services
Telecommunications Services
Provided a prominent telecommunications company, with technical support and assistance in testing GUI applications, UAT queries, analysing test reports, conducting pre-execution environmental shakedown tests and verifying existing features. Resulted in improved user interfaces, enhanced system performance, reduced analysis time and flawless system functionality.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Executing GUI testing
  • Supporting UAT testers
  • Analysing test reports
  • Conducting pre-execution tests
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Flawless user interfaces
  • Enhanced system performance
  • Reduced analysis time
  • Verified existing features
Nov, 2015
Sep, 2018
test lead
Communication ServicesCommunication Services
Telecommunications provider
This Test Lead Engineer provided comprehensive communication and entertainment solutions. They proactively identified and resolved environmental issues, conducted functional testing across a range of systems, and reduced defect resolution time by 60%. They also had extensive experience in mobile testing on iOS and Android platforms.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Understanding and assessing business requirements
  • Participating in defect meetings
  • Identifying environmental issues
  • Conducting functional testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Reduced defect resolution time by 60%
  • Ensured seamless user experience
  • Mitigated risks during execution
  • Delivered high-quality products
Feb, 2012
Oct, 2015
project engineer
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Global financial services
A Project Engineer the applicant provided comprehensive support for functional testing, aligning with business requirements and creating relevant test data. They collaborated closely with developers to hasten defect clearance and fostered effective communication and issue resolution. They were proficient in creating comprehensive TOM scripts and test cases, ensuring thorough test coverage.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Creating TOM scripts and test cases
  • Providing functional testing support
  • Creating relevant test data
  • Collaborating with developers
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Ensuring thorough test coverage
  • Aligning with business requirements
  • Hastening defect clearance
  • Fostering effective communication