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Financial Services Financial Services
System Implementation System Implementation
About me

I am an experienced manager with 17 years of work experience, 13 years of which are in management. I specialize in Information and Communication Technology (IT Testers; Programmers) and Sales and Trading (Sellers).

Test Planning Project Management
Project ManagementTest Planning
Nov, 2016
Apr, 2023
test manager
Supermarket chain
Test Manager with experience in Agile Functional testing, Regression testing and API testing. Identified and analysed bugs in releases, supported with root cause identification, planned and estimated test tasks, reviewed test cases with product owners and monitored and communicated environment issues. Brought expertise in order to facilitate the upgrade of the WMS from RP 2008 to JDA Dispatch 2013
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Performed Agile Functional testing
  • Identified and analysed bugs
  • Test planning and estimation
  • Test case review
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Facilitated WMS upgrade
  • Supported root cause identification
  • Communicated environment issues
  • Ensured requirements met
Nov, 2015
Oct, 2016
test manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Healthcare Insurance Provider
The Test Manager at AXA PPP Healthcare was responsible for coordinating with the release management team for all environment outages and batch requests. They were also involved in project start-up meetings, identifying the technologies involved in PR & dependency, estimating the ST/ UAT/ Pre prod effort, reviewing IST test cases and coordinating the IST progress & completion. The Test Manager brought a great deal of experience and expertise to the role, ensuring that the project ran smoothly and efficiently.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Project start-up meetings
  • Identifying technologies
  • Estimating effort
  • Reviewing IST test cases
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Coordinated with release management team
  • Coordinated IST progress & completion
  • Identified technologies involved in PR & dependency
  • Estimated ST/ UAT/ Pre prod effort
Jan, 2011
Jun, 2013
test lead
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
High Street Financial Institution
The Test Lead Engineer was responsible for managing and engineering test activities, updating the status of applications in daily C&C calls, tracking test data loads, monitoring quality control and assigning defects to the relevant teams. They also arranged war-room calls to close any application defects and tracked them closely. This role was part of the Banking Group's Retail Integration project for the Verde Programme, which was for reorganising existing LBG banks.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Test Management
  • Test Engineering
  • Status Updates
  • Data Load Tracking
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Monitored QC and assigned defects to teams
  • Arranged war-room calls to close defects
  • Updated online tracker for applications
  • Tracked defects closely with assigned teams
Nov, 2009
Dec, 2010
test lead
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Retail banking provider
The candidate was tasked with the integration of retail applications of two retail banks into a single system, based on the Chordiant architecture. The applicant was responsible for reviewing requirements, preparing test execution plans, participating in defect management meetings, preparing test cases, reporting daily test execution status and participating in regression testing. Their work resulted in a successful integration of the applications, which enabled customers of both banks to access the services they needed.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Reviewing requirements
  • Preparing test execution plans
  • Participating in defect management meetings
  • Reporting daily test execution status
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully integrated applications of Lloyds and HBOS
  • Enabled customers to access services they needed
  • Prepared test cases incorporating review comments
  • Participated in regression testing
Mar, 2006
Oct, 2009
manual tester
Quality assurance
The candidate was responsible for developing and executing test cases in order to ensure the quality of Global CAT, a world class product developed to support ATM banking functions. They were involved in functional, regression and User Acceptance Testing, and had expertise in multiple platforms with secure touch screen, physical keypad and VIP talking software for visually impaired. The candidate was able to customize the single code base for all 24 businesses and 44 international languages.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analyzing requirements
  • Executing test cases
  • Reviewing results
  • Customizing code base
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed Global CAT product
  • Supported multiple platforms
  • Customized for 24 businesses
  • Supported 44 languages