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Data Analyst
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About me

I am a System Developer and Analyst, Database Specialist and Programmer with experience in technology and research. I have a passion for finding creative solutions to complex problems and enjoy learning new technologies and techniques. I have a strong desire to create meaningful and impactful products and services.

Data Analysis Database Administration
Data Analysis
Apr, 2020
Sep, 2020
junior data analyst
As a Junior Data Analyst, I established the company's reputation for superiority within its segment by working with immense, complex SQL queries that affected 1.5M rows weekly. I conducted internal audits concerning system performance and made 18+ suggestions that enhanced platform architecture, producing faster backups and recovery time. I optimised the company's reporting processes and reduced time spent generating statements from 72 hours to 45 minutes by applying filters to target datasets. I also maintained the company's data integrity on a multi-platform relational database system while liaising between 1850+ end users and 24+ technical support staff members.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Establishing company reputation
  • Conducting internal audits
  • Optimizing reporting processes
  • Maintaining data integrity
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Affecting 1.5M rows weekly
  • Enhancing platform architecture
  • Reducing statement generation time
  • Liaising between 1850+ end users
Jul, 2019
Mar, 2020
As a Statistician, I have created 11+ statistical models to analyse data for research projects, examined the satisfaction surveys of 1550+ customers and identified and suggested 27+ areas of improvement, automated 10+ manual processes using python script, and designed 17 statistical standards using SAS programming language to analyse and interpret 150GB of customer data.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Creating statistical models
  • Examining customer surveys
  • Automating manual processes
  • Designing statistical standards
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Increasing productivity by 84% YoY
  • Identifying 27+ areas of improvement
  • Reducing time spent analysing data by 74%
  • Analysing and interpreting 150GB of data
Jan, 2019
Jul, 2019
intern sql database administrator
IT Solutions
As an Intern SQL Database Administrator, I have developed automated deployment scripts using PowerShell to deploy 17+ applications across multiple environments. I have also executed continuous integration pipelines using Jenkins for application development and testing and enhanced efficiency by trimming 94% of manual processes. Additionally, I have complied the database by creating index tables and documenting application functions. Lastly, I have optimised the index structures and table joints, which decreased 73% of the average query response time.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed automated deployment scripts
  • Executed continuous integration pipelines
  • Complied database
  • Optimized index structures
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Trimmed 94% of manual processes
  • Created index tables
  • Decreased 73% of average query response time
  • Documented application functions