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About me
Solution-oriented and dedicated QA Consultant with over 7 years of experience in various environments including cloud and non-cloud applications, with a special focus on HR Transformation and Financial Services testing. Adept at utilizing both manual and automated testing strategies to ensure robust application performance and alignment with business requirements. Proven expertise in working with a wide array of technologies, tools, and delivery models including SQL Server, AWS RDS, Snowflake, and HR systems such as Workday, SAP SF, Oracle, Tableau, Power BI and MS Dynamic 365. Skilled at liaising with key internal and external stakeholders, vendors, and managing large-scale, complex data migration projects. Looking forward to applying these skills and experiences in a challenging role with opportunities for growth and advancement.
A/B Testing Analytical Thinking Cloud Infrastructure Automation Defect Management
A/B TestingAgile MethodologiesAgile sprintsAnalytical ThinkingAPI Design and IntegrationAWSAzureCloud ComputingCloud Infrastructure AutomationCloud Platforms (AWSContinuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)CRM ImplementationData MigrationData VisualizationDatabase ManagementDefect ManagementDevOpsDigital TransformationEndpoint SecurityEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SystemsGoogle Cloud)Kanban MethodologyManual TestingMobile Application TestingPlatform as a Service (PaaS)Quality Assurance TestingRegression TestingSAPSoftware Development Life Cycle (SDLC)SQLSystem IntegrationTest ExecutionTest PlanningUser Acceptance Testing (UAT)User Engagement
Feb, 2018
Feb, 2019
software tester
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Software Testing
I played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless migration of cash and fixed-income management applications within a microservices architecture. Collaborating extensively with cross-functional teams, I conducted comprehensive functional, regression, and end-to-end testing, ensuring the reliability of global payment channels for corporate banking clients. My proficiency in SQL facilitated rigorous backend database validation, while my active participation in Agile methodologies ensured alignment with project objectives.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Ensuring seamless migration of applications
  • Conducting functional, regression and end-to-end testing
  • Validating backend database
  • Participating in Agile methodologies
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Ensured reliability of global payment channels
  • Facilitated rigorous backend database validation
  • Aligned with project objectives
  • Ensured seamless migration of applications
Dec, 2022
functional test lead uat lead
Public SectorPublic Sector
Software testing
Provided comprehensive testing services for HR transformation projects, executing test plans, criteria, cases, and scripts. Leveraged Jira for effective test management and created weekly test status and defect reports. Collaborated closely with developers, UX designers, and business analysts to ensure the highest quality product outcomes. Performed API testing with Postman, Swagger, and SOAPUI.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Executing test plans, criteria, cases and scripts
  • Creating weekly test status and defect reports
  • Collaborating with developers, UX designers and business analysts
  • Performing API testing with Postman, Swagger and SOAPUI
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Provided comprehensive testing services for HR transformation projects
  • Leveraged Jira for effective test management
  • Ensured highest quality product outcomes
  • Collaborated closely with stakeholders
May, 2022
Dec, 2022
senior test analyst
Public SectorPublic Sector
Quality Assurance
Provided comprehensive testing services to ensure the highest standards of quality assurance and compliance. Developed and executed manual test suites, formulated test plans and criteria, created test artefacts, identified and logged defects, and conducted backend database validation and verification testing. Liaised with technical teams to ensure test environment criteria were met, and promoted RPA capabilities to stakeholders. Supported the test and release SIT and E2E test teams, and maintained automation frameworks for BDD test scripts.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed and executed manual test suites
  • Formulated test plans and criteria
  • Identified and logged defects
  • Conducted backend database validation and verification testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Promoted RPA capabilities to stakeholders
  • Supported test and release SIT and E2E test teams
  • Maintained automation frameworks for BDD test scripts
  • Ensured highest standards of quality assurance and compliance
May, 2021
May, 2022
qa analyst
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Software Quality Assurance
Provided thorough validation of software functionalities, analyzing intricate requirements and design documents. Collaborated with DevOps team and other stakeholders to ensure product alignment with web accessibility standards. Developed detailed test plans, identified pertinent test scenarios, and managed change requests according to ITIL standards. Conducted rigorous compatibility testing on mobile devices and orchestrated defect triage meetings. Ensured seamless transfer of system knowledge to client support team and timely completion of all test artifacts.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Validated software functionalities
  • Analyzed requirements and design documents
  • Developed test plans
  • Conducted compatibility testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Ensured product alignment with web accessibility standards
  • Identified pertinent test scenarios
  • Managed change requests according to ITIL standards
  • Orchestrated defect triage meetings
Nov, 2019
May, 2021
test analyst
Health CareHealth Care
Software development
A Test Analyst with extensive experience in testing patient administrative systems, web apps, medical devices and interfaces, and data migration from legacy platforms to cloud databases. Utilized Power BI and Tableau for data visualization, analysis, and validation. Liaised with third-party vendors and stakeholders to deliver quality scalable products. Organized defect triage meetings and monitored testing progress. Ensured all defects were logged correctly on SharePoint and managed through their lifecycle.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Testing patient administrative systems
  • Analyzing data with Power BI and Tableau
  • Communicating with vendors and stakeholders
  • Organizing defect triage meetings
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivered quality scalable products
  • Monitored testing progress
  • Logged defects on SharePoint
  • Managed defect lifecycle
Feb, 2019
Nov, 2019
software tester
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Software testing
A software tester with extensive experience in the insurance services sector, offering expertise in testing, data migration, API testing, and UAT. Demonstrated ability to manage and manipulate relational databases from backend servers, and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Adept in developing concise, easy-to-understand test cases and scripts while ensuring high test coverage. Collaborated effectively with cross-functional teams to ensure thorough testing of integrated systems.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Testing software applications
  • Data migration
  • API testing
  • UAT
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Managing and manipulating databases
  • Developing test cases and scripts
  • High test coverage
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams
Feb, 2017
Feb, 2015
software tester
Software tester
The candidate was responsible for analysing business requirements, system specifications, user stories and preparing test scenarios and scripts. They wrote feature files to enable stakeholders to understand objects in test class, and helped define the best test approach for projects. The candidate executed test scripts, logged defects and worked to resolve issues noted in the testing process. They wrote and optimised test cases to maximize success of manual software testing, and conducted quality testing to agreed processes and timescales. They identified and carried out regression testing, reported defects accurately, and organised the defect triage meeting. The candidate also managed on-time project delivery, maintained and created product knowledge documentation, and assisted with functional queries.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analysed business requirements and system specifications
  • Prepared test scenarios and scripts
  • Executed test scripts and logged defects
  • Conducted quality testing to agreed processes and timescales
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Defined best test approach for projects
  • Identified and carried out regression testing
  • Organised defect triage meeting
  • Managed on-time project delivery