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About me

I am a test engineer specialist in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). My expertise is in programming and IT testing. I am a reliable and motivated professional, eager to take on challenging tasks and ensure successful project completion.

Test Planning
Test Planning
Jan, 2022
test engineer
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Mortgage Solutions
I am a Test Engineer with experience in L&C Transformation and Landmark Enterprise Application projects. My responsibilities included creating Test plans and Test Suites on the Azure DevOps dashboard, preparing Test documentation that helps with regression testing, writing SQL queries to verify the data in the MS SQL Server database, and performing Salesforce testing on customised Sandboxes and components. I have also achieved Task Estimation, Data Verification, Salesforce testing, and Cloud Testing. I have worked with Azure DevOps as a tool for managing test cases, creating test plans and tracking bugs.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Creating Test plans
  • Preparing Test documentation
  • Writing SQL queries
  • Reporting progress
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Task Estimation
  • Data Verification
  • Salesforce testing
  • Cloud Testing
Oct, 2020
May, 2021
Software Development
My responsibilities included reporting directly to the Line Manager, collaborating with staff to analyse and test CRM systems, participating in meetings to discuss business and project requirements, and overseeing testing and maintenance of database knowledge. I also achieved key successes such as analysing and testing CRM systems, formulating development, auditing functional testing, and identifying and reporting defects. These experiences have been invaluable.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Reported to Line Manager
  • Collaborated with staff
  • Participated in meetings
  • Oversaw testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Analyzed and tested CRM systems
  • Formulated development
  • Audited functional testing
  • Identified and reported defects
Feb, 2014
May, 2015
test engineer
Software development
My main responsibilities included overseeing functional testing of applications, managing testing of platforms, collaborating with the Product Owner and ensuring documentation was maintained. I was also able to achieve integration and updating databases, liaising with development teams, promoting accountability and operating within an Agile environment. I utilised various software and technical knowledge to complete testing, including Selenium WebDriver, Eclipse IDE, Java, Maven and Jira.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Oversaw functional testing
  • Managed testing of platforms
  • Collaborated with Product Owner
  • Ensured documentation maintained
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Integration and updating databases
  • Liaising with development teams
  • Promoting accountability
  • Operating within Agile environment