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Data Analyst
Financial Services Financial Services Information Technology Information Technology
Regulatory Change Regulatory Change System Implementation System Implementation
About me

I am an experienced specialist in Information and Communication Technology (Programmers; Database Specialists) and Insurance and Finance. I have 15 years of work experience, including 2 years of management experience. I have held a mid-level position.

Data Analysis Agile
AgileData Analysis
Feb, 2022
data/test analyst it coo
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Professional Services
This candidate worked on the CTA (Cost-To-Achieve) Project as a Data/Test Analyst to manage the supplier and customer mappings for use in the monthly bill run. They developed power queries to analyse all HIBS data extracts, transforming them into data load formats for testing. They also processed and uploaded data files to HIBS to calculate for the bill run, identified gaps (defects) in CTA dataset for upload into HIBS, and designed, developed and tested a contract loader in Excel using VBA & Power BI to upload all external and intercompany contracts to Fusion. They also created visualisations in Power BI to illustrate KPIs for contract loader files, reconciling to input files.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing power queries
  • Uploading data files
  • Identifying gaps
  • Designing and developing contract loader
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Processing data files
  • Creating visualisations
  • Uploading contracts
  • Reconciling input files
Jul, 2021
Feb, 2022
business analyst raf programme
Professional Services Firm
Provided support to the Resolvability Assessment Framework (RAF) Programme, managing the collection of the Contingency Funding Investment. Responsibilities included defining the Transaction Approval Process, mapping Legal Entities through to Resolution Group, generating stress test reports and coordinating Service Companies. Achievements included optimising the Delivery Service Billing MI (DSBMI) to generate Contingency Funding and Working Capital data, and delivering high quality liquid assets (government bonds).
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Defining Transaction Approval Process
  • Mapping Legal Entities
  • Generating Stress Test Reports
  • Coordinating Service Companies
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Optimising DSBMI
  • Generating Contingency Funding
  • Generating Working Capital Data
  • Delivering High Quality Liquid Assets
Nov, 2019
Jul, 2021
test/data analyst oracle fusion programme
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Professional Services
The Test/Data Analyst was responsible for managing the reconciliation of HIBS data to Fusion, ensuring the accuracy of data flow from HIBS to Fusion and improving processing times. The Analyst created SQL scripting for function to function and Intercept mappings, FDMEE scripting for revised mappings, Oracle contract loader for upload of new contracts and tested rules in development environment. The Analyst was successful in achieving a clear summary of data flow with known variances accounted for.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing reconciliation of HIBS data to Fusion
  • Creating SQL scripting for function to function mappings
  • FDMEE scripting for revised mappings
  • Testing rules in development environment
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Produced Oracle contract loader for upload of new contracts
  • Improved efficiency of SQL mapping scripts
  • Produced a clear summary of data flow with known variances accounted for
  • Tested all function to function and intercept rules
Nov, 2016
May, 2018
data/test analyst operational risk
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
World class professional services
The candidate worked as a Data/Test Analyst Operational Risk for Deutsche Bank, creating and managing a risk assessment tool. This included manipulating and uploading data, maintaining reference data, performing training sessions, reporting defects, working in an agile environment, producing a requirements document, and supporting users. The candidate also created BDD scripts for the risk assessment tool in preparation for automation testing.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Manipulating and uploading data
  • Maintaining reference data
  • Performing training sessions
  • Creating BDD scripts
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Implemented bespoke tool for users
  • Managed collective data
  • Reported defects to management
  • Produced requirements document
May, 2015
Nov, 2016
data/test analyst financial crime
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Professional Services
Provided testing and data reconciliation services for the Management Reporting Programme to deliver a new reporting platform on Tableau. Responsible for test plans, execution and daily scrums. Reported test status to Programme Manager and Head of Testing. Wrote Test Plans and Closure Reports for Senior Management approval.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Producing Test Data
  • Managing Data Flows
  • KRI Mapping
  • Data Reconciliation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Resolving KRI mapping issues
  • Raising Variances in Reconciliations
  • Running Daily Scrums
  • Reporting Test Status
May, 2013
Apr, 2014
test analyst compliance change
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Leading Bank
Provided technical expertise in the testing and implementation of Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) change requests. Developed test plans and test cases, reported test requirements and results, and produced progress dashboards and defect trackers. Used basic Unix commands to perform checks for business analysts and end users. Ensured all requirements were met before changes were implemented in the live environment.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Reporting test requirements and results
  • Writing test plans and cases
  • Developing end solutions
  • Producing test data
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Gained sign off for changes
  • Organised test review meetings
  • Produced progress dashboards
  • Produced defect trackers
Feb, 2010
Jun, 2012
test analyst integration programme/gdrs
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Banking and Finance
Provided expert technical support for the Group and Divisional Reporting Services (GDRS) Programme, implementation of a new SAP-based financial reporting and consolidation system. Reconciled and analysed customer balance data between HBOS and Lloyds systems, managing testers for critical business testing, proving cycles and live weekend. Designed and implemented reconciliation procedures, and worked closely with third party vendors to develop a reconciliation tool and testing platform. Managed daily defects with business, IT and third party vendors.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Reconciliation and variance analysis
  • Managing testers for testing
  • Designing and implementing reconciliation procedures
  • Working with third party vendors
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed a reconciliation tool
  • Amended functional specs
  • Rolled out reconciliation procedures
  • Managed daily defects