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About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) manager with 16 years of work experience, including 7 years of management experience. I have held a mid-level position and have a proven track record of success in this field.

Project Management Requirements Analysis Test Planning Communication
CommunicationData MigrationProject ManagementRequirements AnalysisTest Planning
Jun, 2022
Jul, 2023
test manager/test lead
ITSA Migration
As a Test Manager/Test Lead, I was responsible for managing the team, creating the test schedule and detailed project plan, including key milestone dates for migrating customer records from the legacy CESA system to the strategic ETMP. I reported progress against the project plan to key stakeholders, ensured the request for work was received, managed the SIT and E2E test phase on projects, verified the functionality of cloud formation, queried databases, and updated the test approach. I also attended and contributed on knowledge transfer sessions.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing team
  • Creating project plan
  • Reporting progress
  • Managing SIT & E2E
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Migrating customer records
  • Verifying cloud formation
  • Querying databases
  • Updating test approach
May, 2021
Apr, 2022
senior test engineer
IT Transformation
As a Senior Test Engineer with 11 months of experience, I have been focused on business change and transformation. Leveraging the Microsoft 365 platform, I have provided test lead and support on the product development workstream to deliver core Microsoft 365 components and their configurations. I have created DevOps test plans, designed and executed test scripts, and delivered daily test summary reports to all stakeholders. I have also smoke tested the Rooms information sourcing application, created test completion reports, and chaired daily test check in and triaged the defect reviews sessions. Additionally, I have designed high level test scenarios for the Oracle Fusion financials module against the signed off requirements.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analyzing requirements and designs
  • Creating DevOps test plans
  • Designing and executing test scripts
  • Delivering daily test summary reports
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivered core Microsoft 365 components and configurations
  • Smoke tested Rooms information sourcing application
  • Created test completion report
  • Chaired daily test check in and triaged defect reviews
Dec, 2019
Jun, 2020
lead lean test engineer
Software Testing
As a Lead Lean Test Engineer with 6 months of experience, I designed testing scenarios and test cases to demonstrate conformance to functional and non-functional requirements. I built test rigs, installed workstations, and validated configurations. I mentored team members through the test script design process, analyzed collected requirements, and ensured test plans met customer needs. I planned and executed tasks related to the production of testing scenarios, test cases, test scripts, and intelligence test data. I identified improvement opportunities in the methods/standards and updated system test scripts.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Designing testing scenarios
  • Building test rigs
  • Mentoring team members
  • Planning and executing tasks
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Analyzing collected requirements
  • Ensuring test plans meet customer needs
  • Updating test scripts
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
Feb, 2019
Oct, 2019
business change analyst
Digital Workplace
As a Business Change Analyst with 8 months of experience, I was responsible for the testing of email and document management systems, in the crown hosting environment on mobile devices. I performed SEM testing using Pretty Good protection (PGP) Universal methods, tested SharePoint and OneDrive on DWP mobile phones, tested and validated the Microsoft O365 mobile applications deployed to the DWP user iPhones, produced a test & release plan, developed a test suite of tests targeted for measuring accessibility suitability and scope, and provided a service of testing that was script based and repeatable in the crown hosted environment.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Testing email and document management systems
  • Testing Microsoft Office 365 tenant on DWP Smartphone
  • Testing and validating Microsoft O365 mobile applications
  • Developing test suite of tests for accessibility
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Produced test and release plan
  • Validated O365 package and Apps
  • Accessibility testing with multiple tools
  • Script-based and repeatable testing
Feb, 2018
Jan, 2019
qa analyst consultant
Migration Project
As a QA Analyst Consultant, I was responsible for configuring SharePoint and replacing legacy APEX technology with SharePoint hosted applications/Addins. I designed test scripts in VSTS/Azure Devops for the SIT phase, and performed SIT and Operational Confidence Testing to ensure that the new Ozone intranet replaced the existing CNET Portal. I verified successful data and user migration and ensured users can access migrated files/documents. I also participated in UAT sessions with client users and compared SIT results and defect fixes in the OCT phase. Finally, I reviewed Migration Passports and created test plans of the Azure Hosted and On-Premise Hosted LOB (Line of Business) COTS applications.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Configuring SharePoint
  • Designing test scripts
  • Performing SIT and OCT testing
  • Verifying data and user migration
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully migrated users
  • Demonstrated portal applications
  • Compared SIT results and defect fixes
  • Created test plans for LOB applications
Jul, 2017
Dec, 2017
lead test analyst
Software Development
As a Lead Test Analyst with 5 months of experience, I have designed high-level test scenarios to test the requirements specified for the China Market place. I have executed test on a service oriented Platform and application suite that joint next generation enterprise technology. My responsibilities included test planning, execution, stakeholder reporting and test script design. I have achieved delivering quality product, static reviewed business requirements, provided feedback comments and have a functional understanding of product architecture.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Test planning
  • Test execution
  • Stakeholder reporting
  • Test script design
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivered quality product
  • Static reviewed business requirements
  • Provided feedback comments
  • Functional understanding of product architecture
Sep, 2016
May, 2017
test analyst
As a Test Analyst with 8 months of experience, I was responsible for carrying out System and System integration testing on the tech refresh project to prove successful integration of two new data centre spaces and new data centre infrastructure. I created a test pack to prove enhanced security protocols and upgrades of co -located applications. I designed test scripts based upon signed off functional requirements derived from JPA business process guides and, existing desk instructions which documented system behaviour. I also carried out Security and authentication testing across oracle based e business and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and supporting primary applications. Upon completion, I issued a project signoff document once allocated project exit criteria had been met.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Designing test scripts
  • Carrying out system integration testing
  • Reviewing and analysing system documents
  • Issuing project signoff document
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully upgraded system infrastructure
  • Proved successful integration of two new data centre spaces
  • Enhanced security protocols and upgrades of co-located applications
  • Tested various systems including web payment systems
Feb, 2016
Jul, 2016
lead qa consultant
Mergers, Acquisitions, and IntegrationsMergers, Acquisitions, and Integrations
IT Consultancy
As a Lead QA Consultant with 5 months of experience, I was responsible for the integration of existing IT infrastructure elements, alignment of systems, production of test completion reports, and creation of run schedule tasks. I designed test scripts, liaised with business users, interpreted third-party requirements, and carried out test execution. My work resulted in successful integration of IT infrastructure and better management of projects and costs.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Designing test scripts
  • Liaising with business users
  • Interpreting third-party requirements
  • Carrying out test execution
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Integrating existing IT infrastructure
  • Aligning systems
  • Producing test completion reports
  • Creating run schedule tasks
Oct, 2015
Jan, 2016
senior test analyst/test lead
Data Migration
As a Senior Test Analyst/Test Lead, I was responsible for analyzing business requirements, designing test cases, executing test cases, and reporting test results for the Data Warehouse Migration project. I achieved success in migrating the data warehouse, improved overall system performance, reduced manual testing time, and ensured system accuracy.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analyzing business requirements
  • Designing test cases
  • Executing test cases
  • Reporting test results
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully migrated data warehouse
  • Improved overall system performance
  • Reduced manual testing time
  • Ensured system accuracy
Jan, 2014
Sep, 2015
senior test analyst/test lead at mod
Public SectorPublic Sector
Government agency
As a Senior Test Analyst/Test Lead, I was responsible for developing and executing test plans, analysing test results, identifying and reporting software defects, and providing technical support for the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office project. My major accomplishments included successful implementation of ADRS2, improved PID system, multi-distributor support, and implementation of ADRS1345 and Digital Publishing Licensing.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop and execute test plans
  • Analyse test results
  • Identify and report software defects
  • Provide technical support
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful implementation of ADRS2
  • Improved PID system
  • Multi-distributor support
  • Implemented ADRS1345 and Digital Publishing Licensing