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Test Analyst
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About me

I am an experienced QA Engineer specialist with 8 years of experience in programming and IT testing. I am highly experienced in developing and testing software applications and have a strong understanding of the development process. I am well-versed in various programming languages and have a passion for problem-solving and finding creative solutions.

Agile Problem Solving Communication Customer Service
AgileCommunicationCustomer ServiceProblem Solving
Dec, 2021
qa test engineer
Software company
As a QA Test Engineer with two years of experience, I am responsible for reviewing user stories and wireframes to better understand the project. I write manual test cases and scripts and perform peer reviews with other testers, perform test cases execution and raise and assign defects found to developers using Jira. I develop and maintain automated test scripts, convert manual test cases into Selenium Webdriver automation in Java language and Selenium Cucumber framework, and perform automated regression testing. I also perform REST API testing using Postman and attend daily scrum meetings with testers, developers, scrum masters, product owners, and business analysts.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Review user stories
  • Write test cases
  • Execute tests
  • Liaise with stakeholders
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed automated tests
  • Performed defects retesting
  • Implemented Selenium Webdriver
  • Performed REST API testing
Oct, 2018
Nov, 2021
test analyst
Healthcare logistics
As a Test Analyst at New Heights Pharma, I was responsible for developing comprehensive test plans, creating test cases and scripts, executing test scripts, logging defects, performing regression testing and retesting fixed defects using agile methodology. I was successful in validating software functionality.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed test plans
  • Created test cases/scripts
  • Executed test scripts
  • Performed regression testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Validated software functionality
  • Logged defects
  • Retested fixed defects
  • Used agile methodology
Jul, 2016
Sep, 2018
qa tester
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
I am a QA Tester with 3 years of experience. My responsibilities include analyzing business requirements and performing static testing, writing test cases and test scripts, executing test scripts, raising and reporting defects, performing retesting and regression testing, and supporting clients directly on any issues that occur with the application. I also attend regular team meetings alongside other testers, developers and project managers.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analyzed business requirements
  • Wrote test cases
  • Executed test scripts
  • Reported defects
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Static testing
  • Regression testing
  • Client support
  • Team meetings
Apr, 2015
Jun, 2016
customer service assistant
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Customer Service Assistant with 2 years of experience, I have been responsible for answering customer queries and solving their problems, assisting banking customers who are victims of fraud, theft or identity theft, reviewing and explaining account charges, and assisting customers with replacing lost or stolen credit or debit cards. Additionally, I have tracked checks and payments to ensure the status of customer accounts.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Answer queries
  • Solve problems
  • Assist fraud victims
  • Review charges
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Provided service
  • Gave information
  • Replaced cards
  • Tracked payments