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About me

I am an experienced Automation Test Engineer with a passion for delivering exceptional client satisfaction. I have 2+ years of experience in the IT industry and I am detail-oriented and committed to continuous improvement. I am proficient in software testing and automation testing frameworks and I am confident in my ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams to solve complex, high-stakes problems.

Test Automation Communication Test Planning Quality Assurance
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Jun, 2020
Aug, 2022
automation and testing engineer
Software Engineering
As an Automation and Testing Engineer with 3 years of experience, I have successfully conducted functional testing, non-functional testing, performance testing and exploratory testing to ensure the highest quality of software products. I have led and managed numerous projects with strong leadership, clear communication, prioritised tasks and achieved an average 20% reduction in project completion time. I have extensive experience in an agile environment, utilising Jira to drive project success and streamline workflows. I have successfully managed teams and exceeded the expected outcome quality of the products. I have also organised training and development for new employees, hosted virtual company events and monitored automation scripts.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managed projects
  • Led teams
  • Organised training
  • Monitored automation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Reduced project time
  • Delivered quality products
  • Fostered collaboration
  • Improved employee morale
Nov, 2019
Mar, 2020
trainee systems engineer
IT Solutions
As a Trainee Systems Engineer with 4 months of experience, I have been trained in Python programming, Object-oriented concepts and SQL and learned to apply them in real time scenarios. My responsibilities include developing and implementing Python programs, designing and maintaining object-oriented structures, creating and optimizing SQL queries, and applying coding knowledge to real time scenarios. I have achieved success in developing efficient Python programs, creating and maintaining object-oriented structures, developing optimized SQL queries, and successfully applying programming knowledge.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop and implement Python programs
  • Design and maintain OOP structures
  • Create and optimize SQL queries
  • Apply coding knowledge to real time scenarios
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed efficient Python programs
  • Created and maintained object-oriented structures
  • Developed optimized SQL queries
  • Successfully applied programming knowledge