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About me
I am a highly experienced Data analyst with 4 years of experience. I am experienced in product analytics, sales analytics, marketing analytics. I have built and presented over 150 static and real-time reports and dashboards, tracking KPIs, monitoring metrics, and predicting scenarios, Using various tools which are not limited to but include Spreadsheets (Excel, Google sheets), Tableau, PowerBI, Python and SQL. I am passionate about using my skills to help companies reach their goals.
Data Analysis A/B Testing Data Visualization Data Analysis
A/B TestingData AnalysisData Visualization
Jun, 2022
data analyst
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Data analysis
Provided strategic insights to optimize business strategies through quantitative modeling and forecasting of product marketing, conversion rate, and user engagement data. Developed user-friendly dashboards and data visualizations with PowerBI to track KPIs and daily metrics. Utilized SQL and Python to clean, manipulate, and analyze large datasets, reducing data processing time by 35%. Contributed to a 10% increase in conversion rates through improved marketing campaign targeting.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provided strategic insights to optimize business strategies
  • Developed user-friendly dashboards and data visualizations
  • Utilized SQL and Python to clean, manipulate, and analyze data
  • Contributed to improved marketing campaign targeting
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Quantitative modeling and forecasting of product marketing
  • Reduced data processing time by 35%
  • Tracked KPIs and daily metrics with PowerBI
  • 10% increase in conversion rates
Jun, 2022
Jan, 2023
lead data analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Data Analysis
Lead Data Analyst with experience in running A/B tests, optimizing data models, tracking marketing campaigns, and SEO optimization. Delivered a 25% increase in conversion rate through the implementation of a new landing page. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to maximize efficiency.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Running A/B tests
  • Optimizing data models
  • Tracking marketing campaigns
  • SEO optimization
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 25% increased conversion rate
  • Implemented new landing page
  • Collaborated with teams
  • Maximized efficiency
Mar, 2020
Feb, 2022
commercial officer data analyst
Commercial officer
A highly experienced Gas & Power Analyst with expertise in data extraction, manipulation, and analysis. Collaborated with the marketing team to optimise campaigns and conducted market surveys and studies to improve budget performance by 25%. Possesses strong Excel spreadsheets skills.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Data extraction and manipulation
  • Collaboration with marketing team
  • Market surveys and studies
  • Excel spreadsheets skills
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Optimised campaigns
  • Improved budget performance
  • Strong Excel spreadsheets skills
  • 11 months experience