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Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing System Implementation System Implementation
About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional with 14 years of experience, including 8 years of management experience. My expertise includes System Developers and Analysts, Database Specialists, and IT R&D Professionals. I have held mid-level positions and am looking to further my career.

Agile LeadershipAgile MethodologiesAgile sprintsAnalytical ThinkingAzureBusiness AnalysisBusiness Continuity PlanningBusiness IntelligenceBusiness Process AnalysisC++)Change ControlCloud ComputingCloud Platforms (AWSContinuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)Data AnalysisData ArchitectureData CatalogingData CleansingData EngineeringData IntegrationData Lake ArchitectureData Lakes and Data WarehousingData MigrationData Migration StrategyData ModelingData Privacy and SecurityData ProfilingData Quality ManagementData Streaming and ProcessingData TransformationData ValidationData VisualizationData Visualization Tools (e.g.Data WarehouseData Warehouse DesignData WarehousingData Warehousing ToolsData Warehousing Tools (e.g.Data WranglingDatabase AdministrationDatabase ManagementDecision MakingETL (ExtractExecutive ReportingGoogle Cloud)InformaticaJavaLeadershipLoad)Master Data ManagementMentoring and CoachingPerformance TuningPower BI)Process DocumentationProgramming Languages (PythonProject Evaluation and SelectionProject ManagementReporting and DashboardsScrum FrameworkSoftware Development Life Cycle (SDLC)SQLTableauTeam BuildingTeam Collaboration ToolsTeam ManagementTechnical DocumentationTechnical EvaluationTechnical ExpertiseTechnical LeadershipTechnical Solution DesignTechnical Training and DevelopmentTeradata)Training and DevelopmentTransformUser Acceptance Testing (UAT)Waterfall Project Management
Jan, 2023
Aug, 2023
delivery lead/solutions consultant
Technology Solutions
I have 8 months of experience as a delivery lead/solutions consultant. My responsibilities include orchestrating Infor BIRST deployment for LN ERP, customizing 60+ dashboards, engineering optimal ETL processes, and securing 90% user adoption rate for dashboards. My achievements include fostering a 35% user engagement surge, substantial sales growth, a 50% enhancement in report generation efficiency, and strategic training and informed decision-making.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Orchestrating Infor BIRST deployment
  • Customizing 60+ dashboards
  • Engineering optimal ETL processes
  • Securing 90% user adoption rate
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Fostering 35% user engagement surge
  • Substantial sales growth
  • 50% enhancement in report generation efficiency
  • Strategic training and informed decision-making
Jun, 2021
Jan, 2023
staff bi and data engineer
Data engineering
I am a 2-year experienced Staff BI and Data Engineer with a track record of success in leading ERP migrations, augmenting data processing time and lowering storage costs through innovative BI solutions. I have managed a cross-functional team of 5 and streamlined project delivery, as well as bolstered data accuracy through validation processes.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Lead ERP migrations
  • Augment data processing
  • Lower storage costs
  • Manage cross-functional teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Streamline project delivery
  • Bolster data accuracy
  • Improve BI solutions
  • Validate processes
Apr, 2015
Jun, 2021
principal bi consultant/lead
Business Intelligence
I have 7 years of experience as a Principal BI Consultant/Lead. My responsibilities included directing BI projects, curtailing operational costs, organizing a team, and optimizing query performance. My achievements include delivering 120+ Birst BI reports, reducing operational costs by 32%, increasing project completion rate by 36%, and accelerating report generation by 60%.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Directing BI projects
  • Curtailing operational costs
  • Organizing a team
  • Optimizing query performance
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivering 120+ Birst BI reports
  • Reducing operational costs by 32%
  • Increasing project completion rate by 36%
  • Accelerating report generation by 60%
Sep, 2013
Feb, 2015
technical lead
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial services
As a Technical Lead with 2 years of experience, I have been responsible for optimizing financial product design and spearheading a data-driven revolution, resulting in a 23% reduction in processing time and a 12% surge in operational efficiency. I have also established an industry standard and achieved $600K annual cost savings.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Optimizing financial product design
  • Spearheading a data-driven revolution
  • Establishing an industry standard
  • Achieving cost savings
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 23% reduction in processing time
  • 12% surge in operational efficiency
  • Established an industry standard
  • $600K annual cost savings
Jan, 2013
Sep, 2013
senior technical architect
Technical Solutions Provider
As a Senior Technical Architect with 8 months of experience, I have guided workflow enhancements, improved operational efficiency, achieved cost savings, and surpassed industry benchmarks, resulting in a 19% curtailment in processing time, an 11% surge in operational efficiency, and substantial yearly cost savings exceeding $450K.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Guiding workflow enhancements
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Achieving cost savings
  • Surpassing industry benchmarks
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 19% curtailment in processing time
  • 11% surge in operational efficiency
  • $450K yearly cost savings
  • Exceeding industry benchmarks
Jan, 2011
Jan, 2013
database application engineer
Data engineering
As a database application engineer with 2 years of experience, I have strategically steered BI projects, empowered decisions with impactful dashboards, and executed timely data migrations, resulting in faster data processing, amplified reporting precision, sales forecast accuracy, and operational savings of $520K. I also ensured a 34% faster project turnaround.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Strategically steered BI projects
  • Empowered decisions with impactful dashboards
  • Executed timely data migrations
  • Ensured faster project turnaround
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Faster data processing
  • Amplified reporting precision
  • Sales forecast accuracy
  • Operational savings of $520K
Mar, 2009
Nov, 2010
associate consultant
I have two years of experience as a Associate Consultant. My responsibilities included pioneering, designing, and flawlessly facilitating Retail Business Intelligence solutions, ETL processes, and generating actionable reports, driving a 30% surge in data-driven decision-making efficiency. I collaborated on ETL process design for Retail Business Intelligence initiatives, yielding a 37% decrease in data processing time. I also contributed to crafting impactful sales reports, enhancing decision-making precision by 26%.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Pioneering Retail Business Intelligence solutions
  • Designing ETL processes
  • Generating actionable reports
  • Collaborating on ETL process design
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 30% surge in data-driven decision-making efficiency
  • 37% decrease in data processing time
  • 26% enhancement in decision-making precision
  • Impactful sales reports