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Retail Retail Technology Technology
Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing System and Cloud Development Testing System and Cloud Development Testing
System Implementation System Implementation
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About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialist with 6 years of work experience. My expertise includes programming, IT testing, and other related ICT tasks. I am passionate about learning new technologies and finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

SQL Defect Management
Defect ManagementSQL
Sep, 2021
Oct, 2022
test analyst
Software Testing
As a Test Analyst I was responsible for testing and certifying web applications using the Agile methodology - SCRUM Framework. I wrote and executed complex test cases and acceptance criteria for both functional and regression testing. I constructed test scenarios that focused on finding issues early in the testing process, resulting in a 55% reduction in issue-related delays. I raised regression bugs and worked closely with the development team to ensure defects were resolved successfully within the deadlines. I also spearheaded the standardisation of Test scripts, Test plans and Daily Status Reports documents, optimising the processes and increasing productivity by 20%.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Writing and executing complex test cases
  • Constructing test scenarios
  • Raising regression bugs
  • Standardizing Test documents
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Finding issues early in the testing process
  • Overall reduction in issue-related delays
  • Optimizing processes
  • Increasing productivity
Aug, 2015
May, 2017
it analyst
IT Solutions
I have worked as an IT Analyst leading a project team of three QA testers to order, payment, services cancel, return, reorder modules, and tracking the order status. I have standardized test plans, test scripts/test cases, and daily status reports documents, leading to a 20% increase in productivity. Additionally, I have tracked project progress on a sprint basis and reported to all internal/external stakeholders. I have also designed and wrote test automation scripts for testing new or existing software using specialized tools and frameworks. I have investigated and addressed system issues to enhance usability and improve functionality, validated results, and assessed data to better understand potential risks, concerns and outcomes of decisions.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Led a project team
  • Standardized Test plans
  • Tracked project progress
  • Designed automation scripts
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 20% increase in productivity
  • Investigated system issues
  • Validated results
  • Assessed data
Aug, 2013
Aug, 2015
system engineer
As a System Engineer I was responsible for delivering products in the Retail Domain. My tasks included testing appointments of labour Home Depot applications using SKU numbers, testing payment processes, preparing test plans and scenarios, developing and verifying design changes, executing all the test cases, carrying out regression testing, and analyzing test data and results. This resulted in a flawless product delivery and improved product quality.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Testing appointments of labour Home Depot applications
  • Ordering products using SKU numbers
  • Testing payment processes
  • Preparing test plans and scenarios
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Flawless product delivery
  • Regression testing
  • Developing and verifying design changes
  • Analyzing test data and results
Aug, 2012
Aug, 2013
assistant system engineer
As a mobile application tester in the retail domain, my main responsibilities were to test web applications on mobile devices of both iOS and Android, identify and track defects with JIRA, create spreadsheets for reporting, listen to customers and write and optimise test cases. I achieved great success, exceeding individual target KPIs and providing technical support to 5 junior engineers. I maximised manual software testing success and addressed customers' concerns.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Identifying and tracking defects
  • Reporting with Excel spreadsheets
  • Listening to customers' requests
  • Writing and optimizing test cases
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Exceeded individual target KPIs
  • Provided technical support to 5 junior engineers
  • Maximized manual software testing success
  • Addressed customers' concerns