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P2C – Thinking Like A Service Provider
Adam Pratt

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Perm 2 Contract video series.

In this episode Mark’s helps you prepare and adjust to the world of contracting by teaching you how to “Think Like a Service Provider, not a Worker. This is a critical mindset shift if you want to get the most out of your new contracting career.

This video also features some handy help and advice, so you can “Get more s**t done.

Finally, Mark touches on the concepts of “Monkey Branch vs Leap of Faith” approach and how to best plan your exit to help with your transition.

Mark recommends you check out the book Getting More Done, by Dave Allen for even more help and advice on how you can boost your productivity.

This series is great for anyone currently contracting, who wants to sharpen up some of their skills to both minimise downtime and maximise their potential.

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