Who we are

With over 50 years of combined experience and specialist knowledge in delivering projects successfully, we know, and are passionate about bringing your strategic aims to life.

Meet the team

Our team knows how to deliver bespoke work packages for clients like you because we’ve been the boots on the ground, working hard to make your dreams a reality. Our team of project professionals has over 50 years of combined experience from diverse backgrounds, specialising in varied sectors.

We’ve been growing our team of project professionals; people like us that we know deliver and have become our partners.

This helps us ensure we build the right solution for our clients and can get to work quickly, delivering excellent project results.

Message from the founder

“I founded Project Partners to help clients deliver successful projects. The successful delivery that I learnt over many years at the project delivery coalface’ and that when shared, helped clients move their desired changes forward and frankly, made me feel good. I started out many years ago in Project Management, helping one client after the other and eventually worked as Programme Director on some of the largest business transformation programmes in recent years. I then followed my passion for entrepreneurship to start my own business, including keeping my hand in project consultancy and then recruitment to get the most out of our client relationships. With the unique combination of Project Management experience, entrepreneurship and recruitment, I don’t believe there is anyone else better placed to help clients achieve their goals and drive their change agenda.”
– Mark Pratt, Project Partners CEO
Mark Pratt, CEO of Project Partners

Our Partners

We’ve built a community of Partners in our team that share the same passion as we do at delivering successful outcomes.

All of our Partners are chosen by us so we get the highest level of quality resources to support successful delivery. We have a fantastic team with varied skillsets and experience to help suit a number of clients.

We strive to inspire, educate and learn from each other so that we provide the service that you deserve.

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