2023 and Beyond: Optimising your Project Data

2023 and Beyond highlights

2023 and Beyond was Project Partners first hybrid event. This second session from the event, presented by Liam Hynes and Luke Camfield, is all about PPM (Project Portfolio Management) tools. We know we all hate them, but more often than not we find ourselves working off of countless spreadsheets. Well not anymore. Liam and Luke […]

2023 and Beyond: 2023 Portfolio Planning

2023 and Beyond highlights

2023 and Beyond was Project Partners first hybrid event. In this first session, presented by Mark Pratt, we look at how to go about planning your portfolio for the upcoming year. Planning for a year’s worth of projects whilst you have stakeholders’ demands flying at you, can be tricky. How do you prioritise what project […]

How successful project professionals avoid being bitten by risks

risk management

So, you have a plan to deliver your project? Congratulations! As my favourite cigar-smoking soldier-of-fortune, Col. John “Hannibal” Smith used to say “I love it when a plan comes together!” Believe it or not, some of your peers don’t even get this far (and if you haven’t you’d better get on over to our blog on […]

The art of Stakeholder Management

An image showing an employee speaking with a stakeholder

Ahh, Stakeholder Management. One of the most widely used terms in the project world. I bet if you were to google a “how-to”, you’d get thousands of results with tips, tricks, documents, and matrices. Sounds complicated! Well, in this article I’m going to tell you why it doesn’t have to be. The challenges We’ve all […]

Creating a foolproof Project Plan

Foolproof Project Planning

Ever been in a car travelling to a new destination and it’s doesn’t have a sat nav? #firstworldproblems, but seriously I’m sure this sentence has filled you with dread. What do you mean I need to get to a destination and I don’t have a clue how to get there? You wouldn’t have it.  With somewhat […]

The Metaverse is coming


Hello hello! I’m shifting gears slightly in this one; instead of looking at how we approach change today, I’d like to explore the opportunity that our shift into the “Metaverse” could represent for project professionals in the future.  Whilst I’m certainly not an expert, my excitement for the Metaverse has led to hours upon hours […]

MVP is the MVP

AIM Workshop discussing the Minimum Viable Product

This is about something very dear to my heart; the “Minimum Viable Product”.  I truly believe that this is the single most important thing to establish to set your project up for success. In this article, I’m going to tell you why.  What do I mean by MVP? My definition of the Minimum Viable Product […]

What Rafael Nadal taught me about Project Management 

Rafael Nadal wins the Australian Open for his 21st Grand Slam title.

Picture the scene.  You’re 2 sets to love down, in a ‘first to 3 sets’ match.  It’s 3 games-all, on-serve and your opponent, the highest ranked player in the competition is at 0-40, having held his last 2 service games to love.  For the non-tennis fans, that means if your opponent wins any of the […]

My ‘shocking’ project management tale

Shocking symbol for project management

I electrocuted myself the other day. It didn’t half hurt – left a couple of lovely little entry and exit burn marks on my right palm as well as causing my wife and son to run up the stairs to my blood curdling screams. It shouldn’t have happened of course. But we’ve got a bit […]