DEPLOY – Intro

In DEPLOY – Intro, Mark introduces this critical step to launch and how to ensure your Go-Live, goes without a hitch.

DEPLOY – Implement

In DEPLOY – Implement, Mark provides help advice, as you put live what you have built and how to support your sponsor for a short time once you’ve built it.

DEPLOY – Measure

In DEPLOY – Measure, Mark focuses on critical post go-live reporting techniques, how to monitor issues and how to use change control to capture good ideas, as your assess your exit criteria.

DEPLOY – Warranty

In DEPLOY – Warranty, Mark shows you how excellent project managers set themselves apart from the rest by providing certain guarantees, conditions and continued ownership until the required standards are met.

Deploy – Intro

You’re almost ready to launch, go live, switch things on and give birth to your change.

DEPLOY – Implement

Switch on or ‘go live’ is an event in itself. It’s a big deal and like any event, preparation is key.
We’ll explain why and how to manage this event and everything you need to make this event a success

DEPLOY – Measure

Measure Measuring progress closely post go-live is key to ensure you’re meeting or heading towards your exit criteria. We call it Measure because it’s tight, it’s intense. You’re measuring against those agreed rules, the RACI, the exit criteria and all that good stuff.   You’re measuring, reporting and getting decisions made. You’ll also be looking at […]

DEPLOY – Warranty

In warranty your focus is on stability for the business and working towards handover in the E of ABCDE, Embed.
You’re still in a period of intensive care so here we’ll describe your responsibilities and how to ‘wean’ the business off the project so you’re not left holding the baby for good.

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